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Is Something always better than Nothing?  Nope, as Whitey proves in this truncated solo effort!

Now what?  Whitey wants to debate the outcomes of games that will never be played, while Mark ponders whether a virus is an organism or not.  What could be more fun?

Why wouldn't Tom Brady want to be a 49er?  The playoffs shouldn't be enough for the Kings.  And what's it like when your son hits a grand slam against the Yankees?

Pod Save The Kings

This year's NBA All-Star Game will be very interesting, but the Kings are not.  And the Astros' apologies were a bad idea -- but one new XFL rule in particular is not?

What the Kings need (look how good they were when they had it!), welcome Wiggins, and -- does the Kreidler Kasino take XFL bets?

Blame Jimmy Not Shanny

Breaking down the 49ers' Super Bowl breakdown, Whitey and Kreids disagree on the Niners' end of half approach.  Another Cover 3 collapse -- is that a thing?  

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